A Fresh Start

In less than 2 weeks we will be yet again packing up our suitcases, trunks and duffle bags. Only this time it won’t be to move into a new mission house. This time it will be to cross the ocean and travel thousands of miles to the dark continent. The title of this post sounds cheery and exciting, but I must be honest and admit that our thoughts have been quite the opposite. We are struggling with the goodbyes and the unknowns. Each of us is dealing with it differently, but each of us is dealing with it to some degree. We were shoved out of Africa over 2 years ago unexpectedly and we weren’t ready to leave. And here we find ourselves in the same position…not ready to leave. We have grown attached to being near our family and church family. We have enjoyed the comforts of American life. Waking up to water and electricity on a daily basis has become the norm and heading back to the instability of the continent of Africa has me feeling spoiled. However, we know what we are doing is what is right! We know God has called us to Cameroon and while we dread all the mistakes we are going to make in our newly learned language, we look forward to mastering it. We look forward to a new city and making new friends and the new village where we get to set up our residence by the ocean! Our family is never short of adventures and for that we are truly blessed.

So, we put together this website in the hopes that you will keep in touch with us. We will blog and share photos and stories of our new home. And we covet your prayers more than ever!

-Becca for the family

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