Our Family Cd

In January of 2021

we drove up to Indiana to spend a couple of days at Faith Music Missions to embark on an adventure we had only previously dreamed about. Recording a family CD. 

This experience was more fun than we had imagined and we had such a great time as a family making some special memories that will now last a lifetime!

We were thoroughly exhausted and our voices completely spent after two full days of singing, but we all walked away discussing when we could do it again!

And while the finished product is far from perfect, we are happy to have made this wonderful memory and Mom and Dad (and the grandparents) will enjoy listening to it for years to come.

Over the next month, we will be giving one of our CDs to everyone who gives a gift of any amount to the Sinclair Family. (Monthly supporters, your free CD should be on the way soon. You do NOT need to send an additional gift to receive a CD.)

To give a gift by Paypal: Please click the "Donate Here" button. Once you have signed in and completed your payment information, ensure that "send money to a friend" is selected so that we do not pay service fees. Let me emphasize that you are not technically purchasing a CD; you are sending a gift to the Sinclair Family and we are sending a CD to you to demonstrate our appreciation. Therefore, you will not receive a receipt, and your gift is not tax-deductible. Finally, please do not forget to include the address you would like the CD to be mailed to in the "add a note" space.

To give a gift by check: Please mail your gift to

The Sinclair Family CD
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Make the check out to "Ben Sinclair" and if your mailing address is not already on the check, please write the address where you would like the CD to be mailed in the memo portion.